• Ruth Paris executive coaching

    Ruth Paris MA MCC
    Executive Leadership Coaching

    trusted ally & "angel at my shoulder" of leaders who value integrity

  • Leading Effectively

    Engaging and aligning hearts and minds. Thinking strategically.

    Influencing Consciously

    Being taken seriously. Building reputation.


    Making the most of opportunities. Taking on more responsibility. Blossoming :- )

    Building Resilience

    Understanding and managing physical, psychological and emotional well-being

    Communicating Powerfully

    Being heard. Making an impact.

  • When and Who?

    When is coaching with Ruth a rewarding approach and who will benefit?

    Ruth has a strong track record in coaching individuals to do their best thinking around:

    • Leadership of virtual or internationally distributed teams
    • Moving from management to leadership mindset - leading a team or leading other leads
    • Optimising brain performance through applied neuroscience
    • Confidence building
    • Personal state management under pressure
    • Developing a congruent leadership style
    • Effective communication in different media
    • Managing uncertainty / ambiguity / overwhelm
    • Building resilience
    • Overcoming 'impostor syndrome'
    • 'It's lonely at the top' - a safe and confidential sounding board for emergent ideas 
    • Emotional Intelligence - growing self awareness and flexibility to positively impact on others
    • Managing 'difficult' interpersonal relationships / conflict
    • Communicating appropriately with different stakeholders

    Ruth is also a qualified team coach, working in partnership with senior teams to support their effectiveness in meeting /exceeding their goals through honest communication and leveraging diversity - achieving results that are consistently greater than the sum of their parts.

  • About Ruth Paris MA, MCC

    transformational coaching with rigour, insight & wisdom - with a touch of humour along the way

    Ruth Paris PCC coach


    With over 3,500 hours of professional coaching experience, I've been an executive and leadership coach since the early 1990s, working in partnership with leaders in an eclectic spread of industry sectors and corporate structures internationally. 


    I work at a generative level, seeking to stimulate fresh thinking that aligns purpose and values with intentional behaviour.


    My particular expertise is in supporting people at all levels to develop congruent leadership - of themselves and others - to mobilise energy, build rewarding relationships, develop conscious influence through appropriate communications and so to generate sustainable achievement.

    Clients variously describe my style as incisive, kind yet challenging and technically rigorous - experienced in a relationship of genuine trust and partnership.


    In the early '90s I co-founded a niche business consultancy developing leadership, team and individual performance, during which time I worked increasingly as an executive coach and mentor. In 2007 I was a founding partner of global coaching provider Coaching on Call International, which continues to entail valuable experience in developing and managing coaching best practice for complex organisations worldwide.


    I have an MA in Linguistics and Social Anthropology from Edinburgh University, am a qualified counsellor through Surrey University (1992), NLP Master Practitioner (1993), accredited coach (2001), graduate of the AC programme Applied Neuroscience for Executive Coaches (2014) and have a Diploma in Team Coaching from the Executive Coach Studio (2018).


    I am a longstanding Member of the Association for Coaching and Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (4% of > 50,000 ICF credentialed coaches in the world are certified MCC).


    Other training I have undertaken includes Time to Think, non-violent communication, transactional analysis, spiral dynamics, systems theory, systemic constellations, somatic coaching, embodied neuroscience, hypnosis, NLP based health and wellbeing, time line therapy, equine guided leadership, Gestalt, the bi-hemispheric brain, trauma informed coaching, ontological coaching and transpersonal psychology. I integrate key principles of such learnings seamlessly into my coaching practice to support the smoothest pathway for clients' success.


    I'm based in Stamford, UK and undertake primarily 'virtual' coaching across the world.


    For more about me, see here.

  • accredited ICF Professional Certified Coach


    Full Member of the Association for Coaching
  • What Clients Say

    I'm protective of my clients' privacy - please ask if you would like identification for these testimonials

    what clients say Ruth Paris coaching

    In my experience Ruth is unique amongst business coaches. She has an extraordinary ability to listen to my ideas, challenges and opportunities with

    intense concentration.


    Her summary of the situation and steps to move ahead are insightful and concise.


    I emerge from our dialogue with renewed confidence, an ability to acknowledge and confront self-limiting beliefs and, by the end of the session, I can visualise the path that will lead to the achievement of my goals.

    what clients say Ruth Paris PCC coach

    Over the course of a few months I worked with Ruth in some very intense and at times emotional sessions that have given me a far better understanding of why I behave and communicate with others in the way I do.

    I was treated with great kindness, compassion and sensitivity through some very vulnerable moments.

    I have been left with a renewed enthusiasm not only for my career but my life in general.



    We could have thrashed around endlessly, getting it wrong even as we tried our hardest, if not for you.

    Working with Ruth gives me real space to be fully myself, to formulate and believe my own vision with tremendous clarity. Coaching is absolutely not self-indulgent, rather an exciting journey of discovering for myself how to think ahead and plan the future I want through a process that is positive, challenging and thought provoking.

    Any organisation or individual lost in a dense wood will call it a lucky day to have come upon Ruth and her clear insight and wisdom. Ruth gives the overview and re-finds your resources. You'll arrive where you want to be without damaging foliage and wildlife. She's unique.

    At critical times in my career, Ruth has been the angel at my shoulder, providing a completely supportive yet rigorous space for me to get clear and determine

    my best way forward.

    ... feeling safe with you, respected by you, encouraged and valued and seen by you. And from this place, I've been able to access real shifts and insights.
    Powerful stuff.

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    Please do get in touch. I will be pleased to discuss your situation in confidence.

    Based in Stamford, Lincolnshire UK
    +44 (0) 7720 558456